i'm sam, i'm 21, and i love sleeping, fangirling, and eating nachos.
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He was a skater goat, he said see you later, goat.

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"And even when you frustrate me, I still want you by my side."
— foryou. - fragmentallygirl (via perfect)

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resume worthy skills: dwelling on and overthinking things that should be (and in the grand scheme of things kind of are) absolutely meaningless

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(on coming on to a successful show three seasons in) It’s really exciting because you already know it’s a big show and everybody loves it. Everybody already knows what’s happening. But it’s also really intimidating and scary at the same time, because it is a show that does so well, there are a lot of expectations. You have to be up to par with everybody else. 

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♡ roses are red ♡
♡ violets are blue ♡
♡ lmaooooooo ♡
♡ truuuuuuuuu ♡